Sonja Runar is a Certified Feng Shui professional through the American Feng Shui Institute. With years of experience in both homes and businesses, she has performed close to 600 Feng Shui readings to date. Combined with her profession, her passion for photography dates back 30 plus years where she attended the university majoring in dark room development, composition and presentation. Her photography combines with the energies of Feng Shui and is presented as "Foto Feng Shui" TM.

Her talents are multi-faceted and she is a forerunner in interior design maximizing peace, harmony and balance. She not only sees the extraordinary as a Photographer, she also sees the powerful potential in people. Additionally, she is a writer, designer and has extensive knowledge in numerous technologies.

Sonja educates people in the Five Element system and while enhancing their personal knowledge she also empowers individuals to use the elements that compliment and strengthen them to imbue their surroundings with the Universal Energy permeating all things. This is also referred to as "Chi" or vital force energy, and she has been dubbed The Good Chi Lady, with her practice known as Good Chi Feng Shui. Sonja has a different approach to the many theories on Earth Changes that affect our lives and can give a great overview of how the five element cycles play a critical role.

Sonja has a wide variety of life experiences. She has been a singer/percussionist for several bands, an opening scene movie actor, a background support actor for several other movies, TV shows and with her powers of manifestation have afforded her meetings and interactions with top celebrities.

She was invited to be the first Feng Shui guest on The Fox 50 Morning Show, featured on Different Perspectives TV show, appeared on WRAL evening news, and has been been interviewed for numerous newspapers across the country. She has published articles in Business Leader and Bliss Magazines along with several Woman’s World editions. She has been considered to be Woman's World #1 Feng Shui consultant.

When having a consultation with Sonja, you will hear her speak to the depth of your being. Through this cohesive communication you will know how Feng Shui will personally enhance you. You will internalize how the correct elements for you are used to bring greater prosperity, beauty and harmony into your surroundings. Sonja will also teach you cost effective methods to create greater comforts in your home. The cost of a consultation is $120.00 per hour and you will need to send her the direction of your front door, the year your house was built and the birthdays of all occupants.